Personal Reflective Essay: The Food Stamp Program

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A single mother who made just enough money causing us not to qualify for food stamps or any other government assistance programs raised me. If anyone were knowledgeable about the government assistance programs, they would know that getting food stamps for a family of two it is almost impossible to be approved. The Food Stamp Program is one of the most essential programs designed to help low-income families, the state and local government to help end hunger and improve health of thousands of families across the country operate it. I definitely believe it is the government’s job, along with the states job to make sure their residents have access to clean water and a good access to food. Just because we made more than the cut off does not mean we were living and consuming the most luxurious foods. Just because of our low monthly food budget, my mother never bought unhealthy options, for example, chips, soda, or even sweets. As I can remember, I do not think fresh fruits and vegetables were in my daily diet growing up, it was not because I did not like them, it was mostly because we could not afford them. The majority of fruits I did consumer were from the snack packs that…show more content…
I have come to the conclusion that I love trying new foods but I never give myself the chance too because I am always eating the same types of food over and over. College has introduced me to so many new things, for example, the every changing food that they serve in the dining hall. I have noticed that they do serve a good amount of culturally diverse meals but I am never patience enough to waiting in the line when I can just grab other food and eat right away. I need to go to a restaurant where I have never been and where they serve all foods that I have never had before so that I can make sure I am trying new
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