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Honesty: I show honesty 100% of the time no matter the situation even if I know I might get in trouble for it or hurt someone by being honest. I do this because I would not like anyone to be dishonest with me so I will be honest with them. I have been like this for a while now due to my dishonesty hurting one of my best friends earlier in my life.

Maturity: I am very mature due to me growing up in a very strict household. I do act my age believing that fourteen year olds should be very mature because they are now in high school and everything they can do impact their future heavily. I try my hardest not to be toxic saying things such as "L" or "eZ", etc. Sometimes it will slip if someone is trash talking or really getting on my nerves but
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I used to and still do hate it when I go on ts ( for any server not implying this server ) and would have to wait over thirty minutes for a staff member to help me. I will not afk on the TeamSpeak because I know that just gets players even angrier when they see three or four staff members in one lounge afk 'ing. I will always help players as quick as possible and to the best of my abilities.

Golden Rule: A lot of my attributes come from following the "Golden Rule", "Do unto others as you would want done unto you." I believe in the Golden rule heavily and follow it through every situation in every day life. The golden rule is why I have so many friends and the reason why I am who I am today.

Reasons: I would love to be on the HCGames Staff Team because I love the server and the community on it. I want the server to keep growing and I feel I can help with that by making sure the players are happy. I 've always enjoyed helping people and I feel why not help people on a server I love to play on everyday. I know this server is already huge but I know it has the potential to grow even bigger than it already is. I would love to be apart of this experience along with all the other staff
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