Personal Reflective Report: My Aspiration In Engineering

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ENGG942 PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE ASSESSMENT II FINAL REFELCTIVE REPORT TEJAS PATEL 5357214 ASSIGNMENT:- II FINAL REFELCTIVE REPORT My Aspiration within Engineering: My biggest aspiration as an engineer is to contribute my skill, ability & technical competence as a professional level in engineering field and that makes a real difference not only for me but also for client, employer, product, colleagues, environment and other people’s lives also I want to inspire others to get involved in engineering and do the same. For me, this would be more meaningful and fulfilling than any other achievement of my life. The professional practice subject has changed my perception to look at the branch of engineering as an engineer because I realise that engineering field is not only concentrated on up to the technical level but also there is far beyond that. For example, lead with integrity, mature industrial relationships, demonstrates strong work ethic, safety, loyalty all this thing must have to consider before taking any step…show more content…
Which help me to understand that it is importance to setting up a documents as per specifications to meet standard and follow the procedures and guidelines to ensure products & enhance its creditability and ultimately it increase performance of product & strengthening market pitch. Also, we learn engineering ethic as a broader prospective. Like, as a personal ethical dilemma, mechanism for ethical management and social responsibility. Which taught me that, what if there is conflict between personal & professional value and then how can I manage my personal so that I can allowed my professional ethics to guide me .So, overall I understand distinguish between personal & professional behaviour and how my personal & professional behaviour affect my relationship within
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