Reflective Essay: My First Day At Deerfield

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I have always been a quiet person until I know I can trust you. Around someone who doesn’t know me well I may seem like the girl who is shy and doesn’t talk well. But to those who know me well they know my true self. After the first day on campus, people may see me as shy but that will not last long.
During my first day at Deerfield, I will be extremely excited to meet everyone and introduce myself. As everyone else introduces themselves to the community I will feel a lot for comfortable with everyone. I think something else that the Deerfield community will get to know about me after my first day is that I always like to share my opinions, for anything. Based on how close the community at Deerfield is I am sure that they will know that I
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Something that everyone in my class knew about me on my first day was that I was ready to learn and help everyone. Another thing that they learned was that I am a very funny person and like to have fun. I hope that my fellow residents as Deerfield will share the same passions as me or we can bond and get to know each other better.
Somethings that had to take longer to emerge was that I always like to motivate people to do their best when they are having a hard time. Since we didn’t have art on the first day it took them 2 or 3 days to realize that I was a good artist. Many academic related or sports related characteristics about we took longer for them to find out. Since we needed to have the class so they would know.
I think that I am an open book when it comes to who I am. After the first day at Deerfield, I think everyone will have gotten to know the majority of who I am. I hope that they like my personality and I like theirs. Even though I am an open book things about me still take long to emerge, I am sure that this applies to many other people. Even if people know a lot about me after the first day I still may have much more to show them since I am human and change. I am excited to meet the Deerfield community and be welcomed into the close friendship that everyone

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