Personal Narrative: My Carrer Relationship In Nursing

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MY CAREER MENTORSHIP IN NURSING From my experience at Akron Children’s Hospital, I learned that I should be thankful for being healthy and not having to spend almost everyday of my life laying in a hospital bed. I also learned that the doctors and nurses have to do way more things that don't relate to medicine at all, such as comfort care. I learned how to make notes into the computer on each patient. After every medication you give the patient you have to take note of it, the time, how much, and what for. You also have to tell the patient what you're doing at all times, you can not just walk in and start giving them medications not matter if they are young or not. My experience was very enjoyable because i had a very young, cool nurse to show me around and show me things. Her name was Audri and she had only been a nurse for three years so she is fresh out of nursing school. She was a float nurse which meant she didn't have a specific area in the hospital where she absolutely had to stay. She could go anywhere that she was needed. It was nice that she was a float nurse because that meant I didn't have to stay on one floor. I got to go to the baby's floor, seizure floor and just a recovery floor. It was verry enjoyable being able to see all of the patients and…show more content…
It is very sad seeing sick children everyday you go to work but I know that the end results of seeing someone get healthy because you got to help them is a very huge award. If God has given me such a helpful and caring heart, I just would really love to use it. Going to Akron Children’s Hospital was such a great and amazing experience and hopefully one day I will be working there! Not everyone can handle children nor sickness and I think it’s incredible that i can. I am definitely going to keep exploring this career because it is such an amazing feel helping someone else feel
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