Reflective Essay On Crosssex

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Friendships serves as a variety of functions that help cope with individuals relational well being. Crosssex friendships serve unique functions for both partners, such as providing an insider perspective to the opposite sex and affirmation that one is attractive.Typically when people see a guy and girl out in public the first thought that comes to mind is that they're in a relationship, but we know that isn't always the case. In the course we discussed our own personal experiences with same sex friendships and opposite sex friendships.In this paper I will write about my own personal experiences with two of my very close friends, one who is a male and the other who is a female. My male best friends name is Dyonte and my Female best friends name is Megan. I've known Megan for about 6 years now and I've known Dyonte for about 8. The Friendships I've gained with Megan and Dyonte over the years are very similar. Although I cherish both my friendships with Megan and Dyonte I have to admit there are some differences as well as similarities in our friendships. The concept that guys and girls can't just be friends was a concept I've always believed to be…show more content…
For example in the class we discussed if men and women have difficulty forming platonic friendships with each other because one of them in most cases the male is consciously or subconsciously harboring romantic or sexual interest.I believe this is true to certain extent in all reality it depends on the mindset of the men and how the women presents herself . I will use another example referring to my friend Megan. I remember there was a time that we went out to a nightclub for her birthday and she had gotten dressed up really nice. I didn't think of trying to approach her because she looked nice but the sexual interest definitely increased because I wasn't used to seeing her look the way she
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