Personal Response To Curley's Wife

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My opinion towards Curley’s Wife, is that she can be a little too flirty at times. I understand that she is lonely when her husband is at work and/or at the whore house, but I think that she should be able to keep it under control. To be honest I hate her. I say this because she is always trying to get people in trouble, she’s always causing trouble, and she never once does anything on her own, she’s always has to go bother the guys, like Lennie. For example in Chapter 5, when Lennie is in the barn, getting all flustered and frustrated because he had just killed the pup on accident because he was play fighting with him, Curley’s Wife came in, and started bothering him. On page 90, Curley's wife said “ When I do my hair sometimes, I jus’ set an’ stroke it ‘cause its so soft.” To show this she did it, she ran her fingers over the top of her head. “Some people have coarse hair.” She said this, not knowing that Lennie likes to pet soft things. Then she had let him touch her hair, causing him to grab on and him basically killing her. My feelings about her throughout the book did not change, I didn’t like her at all from the beginning. How I first felt about her in chapter 2 is that, I thought she was kind of bossy and I honestly knew that I was going to hate her. Let's be honest I was glad she died. I mean not the way she died, but I was glad it happened because like I said before I hated her, because she always caused trouble and never…show more content…
Lennie’s dream is to live off the fatta the lan’. Her dream and Lennie’s dream, are the same in a sense because, like what Crooks said, that having a dream, is like having freedom. Curley’s wife’s dream is different than Lennie’s because she wants to leave the state and to get out of the middle of no where, whereas Lennie and George want to find land and live off it by their own rules, and do whatever they want. I think that her dream is more unrealistic than theirs
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