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Responsibility is hard to define. What is more, it carries a relatively different meaning for each individual. This fact is fairly logical due to the fact that each person owns specific character traits and a temperament that are distinctive for everyone. In fact, one’s personality is not likely to adapt or change and, thus, is appreciated by society. Personally I can characterize myself as quite a responsible and reliable individual and my family fully depends on me. As a matter of fact, the sense of responsibility did not flow in my veins since the day of my birth. It is a pity to acknowledge but there were times when I felt like the world owes me something. It is quite shameful but about five or six years ago I was not capable of appreciating…show more content…
Following school, I was to choose a career path. Eventually, I moved to Arizona to study here. In fact, this is where I found myself responsible. The first thing to do after the arrival was not to spend the night in a local nightclub but to make an attempt of joining the country’s national volleyball team, namely "make a scene shows that". Surprisingly, I got accepted. From that point and on, there was always a burden devolving upon my shoulders as I had no right to let my team down. I have put an enormous amount of efforts in order to make the most of my abilities. It is only natural that I should have been chosen to be their captain. After the emotions of victory vanished, realized the whole gravity of such a position. To tell the truth, being in charge of the entire team is extremely challenging. Every single day the leader has to motivate and inspire each player. He must have the ears of an elephant, the eyes of an owl, and the patience of a turtle trying to pass the crossroad in during traffic hours. The above mentioned characteristics compose only about forty percent of a captain’s duties. Surely, the glory of victory is blinding but it is not possible for a team to win every match. When a defeat occurs, the commander is the first one to be blamed both by his colleagues and

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