Personal Self Assessment Reflection

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Self-Assessment Reflection Recognizing that I am a flawed person with limitations, biases, and anger is difficult to accept. Understanding that these flaws, left unexplored, will affect my ability to be an effective counselor is both stifling and freeing. I am not perfect, but I have the power to change my belief system in order to be more accepting of others. A Reflection on My Personal Values, Biases, Attitudes, and Cultural Beliefs After completing the Self-Assessment: An Inventory of Your Attitudes and Beliefs about Ethical and Professional Issues I found that I had religious biases (Corey, 2015, pp. 24 – 32). I have known for some time that because of my negative experiences with conservative evangelical Christians that I feel animosity toward the group by in large. In fact, I have happily mocked, insulted, and judged this population for their seeming lack of respect and regard for any people group…show more content…
I happened to grow up in a small town in New York and there were kind Christian people that reached out to me and showed genuine care. As time went on I deepened my understanding of Christianity by attending a small Christian, Liberal Arts college in Western New York. After college, I continued my pursuit of Christianity. My husband even became a pastor at multiple local churches. When I started teaching at an early college with a diverse population, my faith and belief in a higher power began to stretch. I encountered so many loving, kind, good people who held different religious views from me. I adored the process of growing and having my world view broaden. It was not long after this that my marriage started to disintegrate. I always believed that the people in my faith community were supposed to be my support system. As it turned out, they were not. Rather, coworkers and people from another faith community were there to stand by me as I navigated what would be the hardest choices I have made in my adult
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