Personal Shopper Question Paper

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A: Look at these unusual services. Which ones would you like to hire? Explain.

A personal shopper
Some years ago, personal shoppers were usually perceived as stylish servants to rich women. Just recently, however, men have begun using the expertise of one-on-one professional salespeople because the pressure to look good—on the job, on dates, and in the social media—is escalating.
A personal shopper (PS) is the liaison between you and your closet. Their job is to make the connection between man and wardrobe easier by identifying trends and developing overall looks that work for you. The goal is to give the client the proper tools to dress himself. They also help with buying gifts for others, even if that means remembering your
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Caroline Benet a renowned genealogist explains: “I never thought I would end up researching people’s history until I researched for my family’s history. It’ was an eye opener!

B: Unusual Services
Listen and repeat.

C: Discussion. Would you ever hire any of these services? Why?

• Finally, write your conclusions in the space provided. (7 sentences)

D: Mini-Dialog. Read and listen to a conversation a couple discussing a service.

Denise: You know, I’ve always wanted to research my family’s history.

Harold: Really? Do you know where you can get it done?

Denise: Well, actually, I’ve never thought about it. We could surf the net for some hints. Let’s take a
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Well, the new comers were made to change their surnames for their places of origin. Names like London, Cordoba, Hamilton and Portugal were born. A variation of this tendency was applied also when cities became bigger or more populated. Some families got the name of the geographical features where their homes where located: Hill, Lake, Bridge and Montes.

Sadly, some names have a darker origin: servitude. Servitude was a kind of slavery which was a usual practice during the XII to XIV centuries, where free commoners would sell their free services for years in exchange of leverage or a favor. This practice was very usual in Germanic countries, so therefore most of these names are now typically German or Jew. Hickman would be the man of Hick and Kilpatrick would be the follower of Patrick.
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