Reflective Essay On Personal Skills

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1.1 Introduction

In today’s environment, the ownership is on us, as an individual to take responsibility for our own development, rather than expecting our organization to do it for us. The question, which always ponders over mind is does my personal skills suits to today’s dynamic world? If not, how do I move forward? Hence, the starting point is to introspect, retrospect and do an evaluation through self-assessment tools in order to know myself, strengths and limitations and my ability to perform in dynamic roles in the business environment.

Hence, the aim of this report is to reflect over my current personal skills and abilities assessment with a particular focus on self-development to become a management professional in order to fit into the organization and to become successful.

1.1 Personality, Assessment and Evaluations
Psychologists have long recognizes the importance of work in our lives and they proposed that, personality play a significant role in all the process of work starting from how people actually perform their jobs and the attitudes they hold about them (i.e. job satisfaction) through the factors that increase or decrease their
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(SME report,, 2016 and NZ treasury,, 2007). In addition to this, here the business always demands to recruit the best skilled people and who uphold their indigeneity, having mutual respect with clarity, honesty and objectivity with high professionalism (tpk-business
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