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The report contains reflection upon my skills enhancement identifying personal strengths and areas for development. I have strengths and some areas for enhancement to fulfill the conditions to get hire for future career and getting into Advertising Agency Company is one of them. I have a general strength for my future career, which is patience. When I start on a work or assignment, I must finish the work or else I will not leave the place until it is done. At the same time, I am a good skill communicator. Being a good skill communicator means recognizing effective communication, and it takes forethought (Blundel, 2013). I had worked under a Baseball Company of which I sell its baseball merchandise and I used this skill to benefit the company…show more content…
The reason for having advance knowledge increases general perception about things and acquiring certain critical information gives a better result in a workplace or social life. In order to get more knowledge, I would read books, newspapers and leading articles for the purpose of general knowledge. If I understand a country's workplace culture, I will be more sensitive towards certain people or a certain way things are done which is essential when working in a team. Moreover, I could make an appropriate advertisement that is suitable in that country. However, I should improve my English, which is my 2nd language because English is the official language in the most countries. Without good English people cannot get a good job. Therefore, I have no choice but to learn English. During my studies, my goal is not only to speak fluently in English but also be able to communicate in sophisticated phrases. Nowadays, two languages are not adequate for some company. They want at least 3 to 4 languages that is spoken and written fluently. Thus, I am learning mandarin as China is the next emerging market and it will have a bigger opportunity for business and more advertising companies for example to enter the market. Mandarin will provide me with opportunities to work in an international company and possibly it will lead to me being hired by companies like Cheil worldwide. To improve communication skills is to get rid of unnecessary conversation fillers, like Um's and ah's to enhance your regular discussions and by removing them, one will sound more self-assuring and confident. With an improved language skill, I will use less of these conversation fillers. You could likewise have a go at taking your hands out of your pockets or just unwinding and delaying before you talk. It will appear to be clumsier

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