Personal Space In Communication

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Introduction In any communication transaction between two or more individuals, there are factors that affect the quality of exchange of message. These factors are commonly known in communication as noises. Nevertheless, observing every communication transaction that people do, there are a lot of noises that can be found and these vary depending on the given social situation. Hence, this paper focuses on one specific noise and its effect to communication—space. To be more particular, this discusses the role of personal space in an interpersonal level of communication. Moreover, it answers the following problems: one, how does it affect the speaker and the audience while communicating; two, how does it affect the quality of the message being…show more content…
Being distant could show off as cold or snob. It is important to know the situation of the possible audience’s culture to know how to adjust the personal distance depending on the relationship of the speaker and the audience. However, culture is just one of the factors that can affect your personal space adjustment. It is still a personal choice made on an individual level.
Analysis: Personal Space, Schramm’s Model and Social Penetration Theory Looking deeper on E. Hall’s model of proxemics, personal space is dependent on the relationship of both the speaker and the audience; the relationship is founded on the common experiences between the two. Having said those facts, Hall’s model of proxemics is strongly related to Schramm’s model of communication. W. Schramm’s model of communication states that for every communication transaction happening, there is always a common field of experience between the speaker and the audience. It is represented by a venn diagram which signifies each other’s identity. The overlapping area at the center of the venn diagrams is the common field of experience. It can be implied that the greater the common field, the easier the communication transaction is. The experiences allow both the decoder and encoder to connect in a way that they can both relate making the transaction more
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The goal of the interacting people is to reach the core. The nearer the layer of relationship to the core, the closer the relationship is. Thus, interpersonal communication operates from relatively shallow, non-intimate levels to deeper and more intimate ones (Griffin 2011). Disclosing information becomes freer as the interacting people get nearer to the core. Hence, it can be said that the smaller the personal space, the closer the relationship of the speaker and the audience; the closer the relationship of the speaker and the audience, the easier and freer the exchange of message happens. The easier and freer the exchange of message happens, the better the quality of communication between the speaker and the audience in terms of the ability of the message to be understood and the difficulty of exchanging the
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