Personal Specification Case Study

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Case Study Assignment 2
1. Explain the difference between a job description and a personal specification.
Job description
It is a document that specifies information being tasks, responsibilities and duties that a particular job needs. It includes job title, purpose of the job, duties involved, job working pay, job hours, working conditions and other responsibilities of the job.
Personal specification
It is a document that list down the required knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics that the ideal person must have to perform a particular job role. This includes qualifications, previous job-related experience, specialized skills to perform a particular task, capability and any personal characteristics.
2. Describe two benefits
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For instance, Asda will be able to receive candidates’ CV immediately after the job advertisements were posted on the web portal. In comparison to the traditional methods being newspaper, it takes a few days to receive some response from the candidates as time is required for the advertisements to be published.
Nowadays, almost everyone is capable of using internet with little training as it is clear, convenience and user friendly. It makes online application easier for candidates due to the fact that they are able to apply for job vacancies immediately with the click of a mouse.
In business point of view, it enables HRM (Human Resource Management) to manage their workflow easily. When the candidates upload their CV through the web portal, HR department will be able to receive the CV immediately. HR department are able to filter the CVs so as to access candidates who are efficient and talented for a specific job. Through this process, Asda can easily select and contact the suitable candidates for interview without any delay. This facilitates the management to select their candidates faster and reduce any recruiting
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It is usually communicate to employees through email, internet and noticeboards. In my opinion, Asda belongs to the Clan Culture under Competing Values Framework (CVF). Asda resembles a ‘family-oriented’ organization which encouraged internal promotion to achieve high retention rate and decrease labour turnover. It focuses mainly on employee engagement, job satisfaction and commitment.
However, there is some variety of reasons why internal promotion brings pros and cons to the company. Some of the pros factors are:
Lower cost
By promoting internally, it can reduce the cost of the recruitment and selection process. It is less costly to fill up job vacancies from current workforce than attracting qualified candidates using expensive advertising. Low cost is also incur when hiring external candidates for low-entry job compared to hiring for high-entry job.
Apart from lowering recruitment cost, company can also have lower training costs. Most of the employees have undergone training when they just enter the company. Therefore no training is required as they have understood the organization’s goals and have the skills needed for future development.

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