Madison Talisha Monologue

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Hi my name is Madison Talisha. I live out in Tennessee. I love the South. I love my parents I love everyone including my husband Gerald Talisha. I 've got I got two of amazing wonderful kind children. I try to teach him what 's right and down here in the South. We owned slaves but we don 't have them working out in the plantation. We want to treat everyone right. We things that everyone has a right to Freedom. Yeah you might think well they live in the south so they must own slaves and treat them with cruelty but the truth is we buy all the slaves to free them. Please don 't tell. Well that 's enough about me. Time for me to tell you about the time. We help the Manifest Destiny. By the way this was in 2018. so we were walking out there technically we were in a car and we were traveling. when we saw our good old friends Lewis and Clark. it was amazing they joined us in our journey to well Manifest Destiny what else. anyways we took stops every couple of hours. we took tours of lots of beautiful cities. of course our children came along but they were busy on their little new phones we bought them. trust me…show more content…
We also signed up for so many competitions. by the way I 'm the only reason we got good stuff. Manifest Destiny traveling sure was tiring but also fun. I met some really cool people on the way. I want I say cool I mean it. I 'm at so many famous people he wouldn 't believe me. I met President George Washington oh wait nevermind he was dead I mean I met him but he died when I shook his hand. I don 't know what it is with me but everyone who sees me faints. Huh you might have gone in social studies class and learned how George Washington died. but only I know the real way he died. it was by shaking my hand. yes indeed I have the power to kill George Washington. don 't ask how cuz I don 't even know my doctor said I had a
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