Personal Statement: A Career As A Career

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Ever since I decided to go into law enforcement I have been asked the unavoidable question, “Why” multiple times. I always answer that I want to help others; and even though this is the main reason it is not the only reason why I have decided to follow this career field. I would like to go a little deeper into why it is I want to be a police officer. I also want to explain why it is that during though times for law enforcement I have decided to enter this career field. Some people have known what they wanted to do as a career since they were kids. That was not the case with me; I have not always pictured myself as a law enforcement officer. For many years I had no idea what it was that I wanted to do for a living. It wasn’t until my senior…show more content…
Police officers are becoming targets of the media who exploit any mistake committed by police officers, and the public’s opinion is being greatly influence by what they are being exposed to. This has caused many potential cadets to lose interest in becoming a police officer. Regardless of the media’s opinion or the opinion of those who have developed a negative view towards law enforcement, my intentions and believes have not changed. Growing up I was rarely influenced by peer pressure, or the opinion of others. I believe this has helped me to stay focus on what I want even when everyone else thinks otherwise. I understand that police officers are not always liked or appreciated, but I’m not going into this profession to be liked or loved by the rest of the world. I’m doing this for myself, because I believe that this is the best profession for me and believe that this is an honorable profession regardless of what others may think about it. In my opinion, joining the police force is the right thing to do; and I believe that we should all do the right thing all the time and not only when it is convenient or when we have the support of
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