Personal Statement: A Career As A Professional Hockey Player

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Professional athletes earn millions of dollars a year for playing the sport they love. Many individuals try to make it in the NHL but never come close to what it takes. In order to be successful in anything, I would have to put in countless hours towards my goal. To be a Professional Hockey player, one would need to work harder than anyone else. I would have to go the extra mile everyday. Dedication is the secret to success for many athletes. I started playing mini-mite travel hockey when I was five years old. At that level they focused on teaching us basics of skating and hockey skills. After playing travel hockey for a couple years, I quit hockey all together for coaching difficulties. But after a short while I missed it and regretted my decision, so I signed back up for house hockey, which is a lower level than travel. I dominated the league with goals…show more content…
The little details are what make you stand out from the other players. While my teammates are out focusing on how many points they can put up, I would incorporate as many of the “little details” to get looked at. In hockey, I have to be first one on the puck at all times. I have to want it more than anyone else and win ever battle. I have to be intense and ready to do whatever it takes to get to loose pucks, before my opponents. Scouts love players who can recover the puck; they can see that I can take charge. The more my team has the puck, the better our chance is of winning. They also look for the players who aren’t afraid to move their feet and take the puck to the net. Moving my feet and using my body to protect the puck while getting closer to the net. Screening the goalie when my teammates have the puck so they have a better chance of scoring. If we lost the puck, I would back check as hard as I can. Playing offense, my job isn’t only about scoring goals. I need to put in a team effort in order to be

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