Personal Statement: A Career As An NFL Athlete

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The question my mom would always ask me is,”What do you want to be when you grow up.” I really never have an answer to that kind of question. I always think do I want to be a special agent or a NFL player. But instead I chose a random career, but I did use to like the career. The career I had chosen to be when I get out school is to be a carpenter because I liked this job since I was little, and to earn a good living in my future. I think I can pursue my goal of being an NFL athlete, but if I can’t get there I’ll have a good backup job. I chose this career because I like to reconstruct models and build from any material, and I like to work with my hands. I like to use the different types of machines they have. I liked this job since I was little…show more content…
For this job, I will have to work about seven to eight hours a day, and average around 35 hours a week, that’s not that bad. Some people can work shorter hours depending on what state and season you work in. Some workers work at night depending what they are doing and they will leave earlier in the day. But me, I’m going to be a carpenter, so I will have to work in the daytime in the hot, hot sun. Sometimes we will have a chance to work indoors, but mainly work outdoors in different location. Well, the most challenging part for this job to me is probably staying under the sun all day. The conditions for this job will sometimes be mud, dirt, rain, and sometimes mold. I will have to move a lot on this job to hand materials to teammates and getting the tools that I may need. Most construction workers they would work night shift and get off in the morning. They do this because they want to avoid the harsh sun. This job requires a lot of teamwork if you want to get the job done faster. They can operate the machinery and hand the wood or whatever they are done with so you can put it up. The best part of this job is when I get to cut, shape, and level pieces of wood and other
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