Personal Statement: A Career In Cosmetology

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Every little girl plays with her mothers makeup. I used to watch my mother and sisters do their makeup every morning, and I would sit in front of a mirror and try to imitate their actions. As soon as I could walk, I was getting into their makeup. This continued for years until I bought my own materials to gain more experience and expand my creativity. I would use my imagination that makeup brought, and I would test different designs on my friends and family. It intrigued me that there was self expression in its own art form, and that I too could obtain these abilities one day. Even more so, I could make a career from my interests. I could share the skills that I learned from years experience, and I could enhance my client´s features. I believe…show more content…
There are many advantages to working in cosmetology. Such as the fact that you can move forward and become a manager, or even own your own business! You can also build a positive relationships with client 's that you have constant communication with. A cosmetology professional has the opportunity to help people feel good about themselves which is what actually makes this job personally satisfying. Also, another advantage to being a cosmetologist is the fact that you always have client 's. However, there are just as many disadvantages to being in that line of work. Cosmetologists spend most of their time on their feet, which can lead to pain in the feet, legs and lower back. Also, they work with dyes and chemicals that can and will irritate both the eyes and skin. Every state requires cosmetologists to obtain professional licenses, which takes about 2 years to acquire. Before I can become a Cosmetologist, I would have to go to a college of my choice and get that license so I can then seek a career in that field. After that I can pursue many possible job opportunities, such as working at a beauty salon. With the experience that I gain, I can continue to further my career and eventually move on to better places of employment. One day, I would want to own my own

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