Personal Statement: A Career In Nursing

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I began my college journey in 1994 as a senior in high school. I became pregnant with twins my first semester. I quickly found juggling school, work and babies extremely difficult. I have spent 22 years working to complete my college degree. Fifteen years ago, I decided I wanted to become a nurse. It began when my mother was undergoing treatment for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I met a wonderful home health care nurse taking care of my mother. It was then, I realized, I wanted to pursue a career in nursing. After all, I had already spent a great deal of my life taking care of my kids and family. I will be the first one in my family to complete a college degree, neither my parents or my brothers have a college degree. I strive to set a good example for my kids.…show more content…
Although, I thoroughly enjoy working for Children’s Homecare especially the families I work for, I cannot advance my career without further education. In the last few years, I have found it difficult to work more hours, take care of my family and go to school. My husband works hard to provide for our family, nonetheless, in today’s world you need both parents working to financially make ends meet. I am scheduled to graduate May of 2018 from Stark State College with an associate’s degree in nursing. I plan to continue my education and work on my bachelor degree in nursing, while working as an RN. This scholarship money would help pay my tuition for the last year of my nursing program at Stark State College. Recently, I have been informed that my financial aid may be running out. This poses a problem leading into my final year of my nursing program. I have been on the president’s list numerous times, I am currently a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. This scholarship money would help ease some our financial stresses leading into my final year. I thank you in advance for considering me for the Stark County Women’s Auxiliary
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