Personal Statement Essay: The Most Important Things In Life

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PERSONAL STATEMENT ESSAY The greatest things in life are free as long you are able to fight the battles to get there. the hard work you put in teaches you many lessons;lessons like in life, games, & school. Earning the achievements of the hard work is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Especially because you know it was all because of the hard work paid off. All these chapters in my life have made the person of who i am today. Of course it had it's up's and downs to get here and more up and downs to look forward in life. But boy do you learn so much of it just to get where you really want to be and show everyone how you become this person everyone doubted about. I’d like to start from what I remember when i was a young little girl who never knew had a half sister, I always thought I was an only child. Until I went to Mexico for vacations and I met her and my grandmas house, she was very beautiful and so different from by looks and personality. Everything changed from there, she decided to come live with us. I wasn't used to share many things with…show more content…
Many doubted me but look where i am right now, i am in my first semester of my senior year with 205 credits, and have no credits behind from my classes. Yeah i know i did some things in the past but that’s the old me. They are just scars now that i know they won’t heal but it makes me stronger than the person i was yesterday. The old me does not reflect the person i am today. I feel like people shouldn’t bring up my old self for the person i am today because it is a whole new aspect now. I really hope that the reader who is reading this has bare with me and knows where i am coming from. I did not include everything that has happen in my life but of course i am happy to share with whom it may

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