Personal Statement: Alpha Fraternity Inc.

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My increased desire to become an Alpha Man has been driven by my lifelong history and encounters with many of my past educators that are Alphas. I grew up in a typical underrepresented environment that had a big impact on my everyday life, from drugs, gangs, and a lack of ambition. Somehow that changed when I went to school, there where men in my schools that looked the same as the ones in my community, but the way they dressed and carried themselves was different. I later learned they were men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. These men didn’t come from where I came from, the men I saw in my community didn’t have the drive and determination that these men had. I realized at a young age that I had to be different from my peers and the older males, and that I refused to be a statistic and apart of the cultural norm of drugs and gangs. My older brothers are supposed to be role models to me, showing me difference between right and wrong, but all I get from them is the wrong. They’ve always been stuck inside of the box with…show more content…
I can contribute my knowledge of social justice and ability to be a community servant to this organization. My long-term life goal is to become a hospital owner in multiple underrepresented areas and foreign countries. Being a community servant, one can build character while helping open doors or provide opportunities for those who are less fortunate. I’ve read the many articles of the large groups of Alpha men graduating from Meharry Medical College, that have had such a huge impact on the surrounding communities by giving a helping hand when needed. It’s the small things that count and makes me eager to join the previous groups of male leaders striving to achieve their goals, which defy all odds against
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