Essay About My Love For Science

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1 My love for science grew when I began watching the children's TV show "Backyard Science" when 2 I was 8. The show had a great impact on me as I was determined to carry out some of the 3 Science experiments at home with my siblings. Being successful in my attempt of a simple 4 experiment such as the backyard rocket led me to thinking how great inventors like Thomas Alva 5 Edison must have felt after 1000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. That was 6 when I learnt that invention and innovation is all about being passionate, curious, patient 7 and believing in miracles. 8 I found my A-levels subjects to be more of a necessity than an option. Mathematics has taught 9 me that almost…show more content…
20 This project really opened my eyes as I realized that I wanted to do more than just make a 21 donation. I wanted to help the blind restore their vision and living in a world where nothing 22 seemed impossible, I googled and came across the fascinating invention of the Argus II which 23 made me question who were the master minds behind this. That was when I first found out about 24 the works of a biomedical engineer. Since my passion and strengths are in Biology, Physics, 25 Chemistry and Mathematics, I decided that biomedical engineering is the career for me. 26 My interest and passion for science led to me participating and winning in many 27 science-related competitions such as "Save the Egg" Physics competition organised by my 28 college. This competition really tested my ability to think creatively and innovatively to 29 build a model with limited materials that can provide a safe landing for the egg when dropped 30 from a height. 31 I gained my first working experience when I worked at MBO Cinemas for 3 months
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