Personal Statement: Becoming An Adult

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Twenty-four hours divided regularly into three groups: sleeping, learning, and free-time for five days a week for eighteen more weeks then, I must manage all my time. With six weeks until I am eighteen years old, I have been preparing myself for life after high school for the past couple of years, in the real world of time management and responsibilities and to wash clothes and dishes, clean my room and car, cook meals and purchase groceries, and numerous other parts to becoming an adult. Adults also must handle the responsibilities to prepare for the future in their education, career, and family. It starts for me by further improving my education in college which starts with filling out college applications. This process has been a time consuming, and demanding, with countless questions to answer and several short essays and essay to write for thirteen colleges.
Each college came down to where I could intellectually compete for my selected major, engineering, and communities with an atmosphere where I would relish to be in and prepare for my future. I had to find places where I could share with my values and morals, but also grow through the diversity of people
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College is the first time when my future is truthfully all in my hands conversely than my parents. An adult means not only doing things you want but also recognizing what are the essential to take for your future and accomplishing your goals. College is a honor that I am very appreciative for the opportunity to be given. I have engaged in the benefit of this opportunity by working to diligently nevertheless fill out applications which required me to prioritizing college applications over time with my friends. Being an adult requires you to develop greater critical thinking skills with your intelligence in addition to your
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