Camp Kesem Personal Statement

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I come from a military background which required me to do a lot of traveling as a child. I lived in Sicily, Italy for about four and a half years before moving back to the United States. Living in two different countries made me flexibility and tolerant which allows me to adapt and respect others cultures while maintaining my own. These qualities proved to be beneficial this previous summer while studying abroad Japan. I find these qualities essential especially for someone seeking to teach abroad, I feel any great teacher should first be a student themselves. Emerging while also regarding someone else’s views and culture is the first step into becoming a leader both in and outside of the classroom, by demonstrating these qualities I will be a great asset to my host community.…show more content…
Although, I have done various volunteer activities and work one in particular that has truly changed my life was Camp Kesem. Camp Kesem focuses on a demographic that normally goes over looked, their mission is to help children whose parents’ have been affected by cancer. When I signed up to volunteer as a counselor I was unaware I was becoming involved with something bigger than myself. The imprint the children left on me is something I would never want to erase, they taught me love and empathy on a whole new spectrum. Becoming a part of this program as teacher will give me the opportunity to share this gift with my students and host community. I hope to achieve a very similar experience during my time with the program I want this is be one of the most impactful decisions of my
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