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Coral Springs Fire Explorer Scholarship 2017 Essay I have been with the Coral Springs Fire Department Explorers for three years, and I have been riding with the Coral Springs Fire Department every month for two and a half years. Along with riding, I have participated in many details, and, since my promotion to lieutenant, I have also been in charge of some details. The Fire Explorer Program has been such an integral part of my life over the past couple years that it is impossible for it to not have changed me. It has, especially, helped with choosing a career and being prepared for my future. The scholarship will help further my interest in to a firefighting and emergency medical services career, and I believe I should receive this scholarship…show more content…
I have done over 500 hours of community service with the Coral Springs Fire Department, and volunteered at countless details for fire prevention, resetting the P.A.T., helping with fire academy graduations, and much more. Also, it will greatly help my parents and me with the financial aspect of the fire academy or the emergency medical technician certification. Unfortunately, the cost of becoming a firefighting/paramedic will be a big obstacle, but I am hoping that this scholarship will help if I am awarded…show more content…
Over the years, and that does not only include the time I have been an explorer, I have heard many attempts from many people to define the fire service. The definition I have heard that is most accurate to me is that the fire service is like a family. The family sticks together and helps each other out, but the family also tries to help others in need. And unlike other families, the fire service family has a special bond. Most firefighters have seen each other at their worst, seeing dead children or being exhausted at a fire call. However, the firemen and firewomen never let one another go through hardships alone, they show some of the greatest empathy and character I have ever seen or heard about from a people. And that is the reason I wish to join the fire service so desperately, I want to help others, but I also want the special connection that you can only get in a few

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