Personal Statement Essay: My Career As A Dentistry

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The statement, "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life,“ has such an impact on my thought process that it has convinced me to pursue dentistry as my career. I cannot imagine waking up every morning unmotivated and unenergetic about my job, as well going to bed dissatisfied and unfulfilled. As a dentist, there is a whole lot I can do - relieve people of their pain, give them a beautiful smile and the teeth they have always wanted, and can detect cancer at an early stage. For me, dentistry is not just a job, but also a wonderful way to live my life, which I cannot imagine otherwise. It was at the age of 14 when I had my first encounter with a dentist that changed my entire perspective about this field. I remember my grandfather having painful ulcers on his tongue.…show more content…
I started understanding that the region I lived in, people were not aware about importance of oral health. They would not go to a dentist till they have experimented all of their homemade remedies. My first patient was a middle-aged lady who came to the department of oral surgery where I was posted. She had come to get her lower molars extracted. Upon noticing that all the teeth she wanted to get extracted were easily restorable and the fact that she seemed to be from a rich family, was educated, and still wanted to get them pulled out, surprised me. My fellow classmates and even our professors tried to convince her to get the teeth restored, but she insisted on getting them pulled out. I didn 't want to practice dentistry in which only thing you could do was to take out teeth. I wanted to become a dentist who not only helps his patients get a healthy, good looking smile, but also is able to instill confidence in them about themselves, able to motivate them, and develop a harmonious relationship with

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