My Future Strength Analysis

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Education has been an important part of my life since I was a young girl. I fell in love with reading at age eight, with writing at age ten, and history at age thirteen. However, I am not the smartest person you will ever meet. I tirelessly put in the hours studying and I’m determined to find a way to show my strengths. The way I have found to show my strengths is by putting my best effort into all my work. By putting my best effort forward, I have made my way to the top ten percent of my class and have been able to maintain over a 4.0 G.P.A. Hard work, dedication, and passion are life lessons that education has taught.
My future role in society will be one of a helping hand. I want to be a speech language pathologist, help people learn how
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The way I was educated was to never give up will help me with my future patients. I have to be dedicated to them and be the light at the end of the tunnel for them. If I have given up all hope on their full recovery, how are they supposed to keep fighting for success? I have persistently fought for the place I am academically today, and I want to share the drive I have with my future patients on their road to recovery. I was never allowed to quit or give up no matter how high the hurdle was in my academic career. I will not let my future patients give up or quit because their road to recovery is too long or too hard. Tough times show you what kind of person you are. I want to help all my future patients see how strong and fierce they are through their tough times. My teachers have been the helping hand for me in my academic career and in the tough times they are always there to lift me up and remind me of the accomplishments I have achieved over the years. My teachers never allow me to give up on their class or myself. Likewise, I want to pass on that same drive and spirit in my future…show more content…
My Catholic school education has instilled in me the Catholic values and way of life. We have helped out the less fortunate, dying, sick, hungry, and elderly in our community. We help these people without judgement. Everyone deserves respect and should be given it at all times. I will give all my future patients respect and treat them with dignity. Being a helping hand to those in need has been second nature to me. With this in mind, I knew that I want to continue helping others in my community because of the joy I have felt while partaking in the activities we have done as a school and the activities I have done on my own. We are pushed outside of our comfort zones at school to help others in need. I want to help other push out of their comfort zone and find a way to gain back their voice. The Catholic values of kindness, helpfulness, respect, and love are instilled in my brain and I will never stop spreading
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