Engineering Personal Statement

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As I sat down in my college counselor’s office, my mind was blank, as is typical for a high school senior who is close to graduating. She began our conservation and proceeded to ask me what my major was in college. As I had rehearsed in my head time and time again, I told her that I wanted to be an engineer because I wanted to “build stuff”. As vague as it was, this explanation was enough for me. This was the case until I enrolled and began attending college courses. Being immersed in engineering courses has taught me the true value of engineering, not only on society, but on a personal level as well. Moreover, my goal to be an engineer is not only based on a promising career prospects and an opportunity to do something interesting, but it…show more content…
It is a goal of mine to be part of a network of engineers who strive to be the best at what they do. Coming from a valley with a total population of around 20,000 people distributed among five towns, I experienced first-hand the simplicity and beauty of engineering. I was fortunate enough to see the work that local engineers contributed to the community through my role in a landscaping company. Seeing homes be built on the face of the mountains and structures which mimic the beauty of nature was inspirational and motivated me to be conscious about both community and the environment when looking for a career. The sense of community service in a small network of people has an appeal that separates working at a local engineering office from working for a national company. It is intriguing to me to think that I could be part of developing a technology that doesn’t exist right now. Further, engineering is versatile enough that there is potential to have an engineering career at companies that excel in technology, or in companies that are at the forefront of reinventing the way humans live
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