I Want To Pursue A Master Degree In Computer Science

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I have had a strong inclination and passion for the field of analytics and computing, right from high school years through university and into my working career. My passion towards computers started with my introduction to the computer programming language BASIC in grade 6th where I created simple routines to understand programming. In high school I took my interest forward and elected for computer science as one of my primary subjects. At the time Object Oriented and high level programming languages were at the peak of their prominence in the education sector. Those initial high school years of dabbling with OOP through C++, helped shape my career path. To satisfy my need to learn more, I decided to pursue Computer Science as a major in my undergraduate degree from Ryerson University. Being in the midst of professors and peers in a stimulating academic environment made learning an enjoyable experience. I made most of the opportunity by exposing myself to various concepts and technologies, with Artificial Intelligence being the most engaging topics from my perspective. I completed the degree program with a high GPA among the top 15% of the graduating class. In order to stay ahead of the curve, I also opted for co-optional/internship program in my 2nd year of university and obtained two…show more content…
Therefore, I wish to earn a MSc. degree in Computer Science and intend to follow this up with a Ph.D., and later, a career in research and teaching. Teaching in my opinion is the best way to learn and grow. My experience volunteering as a mathematics tutor on weekends at a community center for junior school children as well as being a Teaching Assistant, for introductory courses in C and UNIX programming to students at Ryerson was personally satisfying and I hope to continue on that path in the distant

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