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My interest in computers originated when I was 16 years old. That is when I realized that computers are powerful tools. I learned to email, which allowed me to communicate with friends from different parts of the word almost instantly. It felt like magic to me because technology in Africa was below par. I was fascinated with the idea of computer accomplishments, and that is how I got started on this journey of technology. Along with learning, how to use computers, I also learned to assemble computer hardware. With time interest intensified, I also met people who knew more about computers than I did, and I was able to learn from them.

I worked as an IT managing director for a company called Jobre Business Center. This company dealt in computer repairs, networking, and IT related consulting. It was an SME (small or medium
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I completed my undergraduate degree in three years instead of four, while holding a job and supporting a family of three. I have also learned the importance of teamwork. I also trust that my education is not mine alone, but will be a tool for me to help others learn technology skills I will share with them. I grew up dreadfully poor and in very tough neighborhoods, but my love of learning helped me to stay out of trouble, I believe that education can be used to help the youth in troubled communities to have a sense of direction.

The MSIS program at the University of Utah is highly reputable, I know friends who have pursued the MSIS program at the university, and they have had great experiences, because of the program’s hands on approach the MSIS entails. I attend monthly drills at Fort Douglass with the Army Reserves, and have friends who also attend the university and they enjoy the experience they receive from the University. This is the right place for me because I believe this will be a dream come true when I

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