Educational Psychology Personal Statement Examples

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The more I don’t know, the more I know.

The more I realize I don’t understand, the more I discover my desire to know more about psychology.

My interest in educational psychology was triggered by my first experience in changing schools. Having grown up in my old school, Norwegian International School, I had grown reliant on my friends and the easy-going environment there. Changing schools in 2004, I arrived in International Christian School. My first few months at ICS was a complete nightmare. Everything was different, the environment, the people and the work load. At the beginning of the year, I cried continuously for a month, latching on to my mom; terrified to go to school because of my shyness, my fear for being the youngest due to me skipping a grade and my inability to find new friends. Unable to do anything more to encourage me, my teacher introduced me to the school’s counselor. Meeting frequently with the school counselor, I slowly opened up to her and found a lot of new friends due to her constant support and advice. This incident led me to think about what was happening outside my own personal bubble. Being counselled in the past
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To be truthful, my fascination in psychology had been somewhat sporadic; appearing in my earlier childhood years then getting deflected in my earlier middle school years due to the rigmarole over my grandma’s operations, then again reemerging in my high school years after my grandma’s death.
My grandma’s death was the trigger for my reemerged love for psychology. Watching my mom and my beloved aunts uncle’s heartache, yet being helpless to help them soothe their pain, it made me feel very miserable and inadequate. I kept asking myself what I could do for them? What were their needs? I earnestly wanted to find out. However, I couldn’t. As time passed by, this uncomfortable feeling still stayed around me.
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