College Admissions Essay: My Dream Of Becoming A Nurse

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I started volunteering at the place full of screams, the place that once filled my own nightmares, the doctor's office. One day, while I was volunteering, I witnessed something I had not seen before. A woman came in looking for the nurse. The nurse walked into the room and was greeted with a big hug. “Thank you for taking care of me at the hospital,” she barely uttered, as tears of liquid silver trickled down her cheeks. I watched from afar, as I realized that even though the nurse may have thought her contribution made no difference to the world, they made all the difference in the woman’s world. Every contribution, from the biggest to the smallest, played a part in changing people's lives. By volunteering at this clinic, I created packages that informed families about the importance of vaccines. I also checked the height and weight of children, which gave the parents, and nurse an indication of the child's growth. My contributions were making a difference. I was playing a small role in changing lives. This experience made me realize, that our world runs on countless contributions made by the people. I wonder how I will continue contributing to the world as I try to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor.…show more content…
However, more than any of these qualities, I believe that it is my experiences in life, which have shaped me into the person I am today that play a key factor for me to become a valuable asset to the medical school. My interest in medicine had begun with my enjoyment of science. Throughout both my years in high school and my first year of university, my experiences with science have taught me many important lessons, both in science and in life, which have helped me grow as a person. Along with my love for science, I also have a great interest in arts, which enables me to express myself, and empathize with
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