Personal Statement Essay: My Love For Mathematics

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As a determined and persistent math learner, every step in my life resulted from my love for math and, in reward, won me better opportunity to do math, and finally lead me to computational applied mathematics. As one of the fortunate who had experience in several institutes, including UC Berkeley, UCLA, and find great interest in research, I am convinced that doctoral study in Mathematics at UCLA will provide me with the training I need to conduct research at the highest possible level.
From elementary school to high school, I enjoyed intensive trainings to prepare for nationally renowned competitions. While the medals I earned in mathematics competitions have opened up doors for me from middle to college, the knowledge and experiences gained from years of unremitting dedication to the craft of problem solving have proven to be the most rewarding result. I was enrolled in the Physics department at the first year in Fudan University for some unexpected reasons. I soon realized that I still want to pursue a career in math. Therefore, I switched my major to Mathematics after competitive selection. My love for math and skills developed through Mathematics Olympiad’s training become evident in my continuing success in
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Through this élite program, I have actively attended seminars and lectures, most of which were organized as students giving reports. Such a teaching-like experience empowered me to explain ideas in a courteous and timely manner. Moreover, digging in those interesting books like Real Analysis (Elias M. Stein & Rami Shakarchi), Probability Theory and Examples (Durrett R.) motivated me to look into diverse fields within mathematics. I was amazed that some seemingly unrelated subjects could be abstracted into a unified theory and many theories that was intimating once to me became special example in more advanced
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