Personal Statement Essay: My Passion For Architecture

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As a mechanical engineer, I have dreamed of delving into architecture for many years. When I was a teenager, I applied two years in a row to my dream architecture school in China. Due to various circumstances, I was not able to attend. Instead, I ended up in the engineering school at one of China’s best universities, which unfortunately does not have a school of architecture. Back then, architecture was so irresistible but also inaccessible to me. However, studying engineering did not lessen my passion for architecture; rather, it strengthened and gave more rationale for my determination to pursue architecture. I spent my first year in the collage studying intensely into robotics and won the first runner up in the Asia-Pacific Robot Contest Hong Kong Competition. After that, I dived into the researches on materials and participated in the…show more content…
For example, in a furniture design project, I saw the urban landscape of the Flatiron District as a cloud of a mosaic, which inspired me to use the mechanism of recursion in a transformable armature that converts the visual effects of the urban landscape into a 3-dimensional space (see Portfolio, Furniture + Room, pp.11-15). My extensive research experience in the robotics and materials labs not only developed my interests in and sensitivity to novel construction materials and building methods, but it also led me to use natural phenomena as inspirations for designs. In another project, I studied the structural and spatial feature of neoprene and integrated it with a rigid body mechanism to generate a fashion atelier growing on the façade of the Centre Pompidou, with the inspirations from the biological processes of parasitism and mutualism (see Portfolio, Structure, pp.

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