Why I Want To Pursue A Degree In Computer Science

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Drawing inspiration from the above quote and the passion I have for Computer Science, I am currently pursuing my Bachelors in Engineering in Computer Science domain from Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women. With strong fundamentals in computer science concepts such as Database Management Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, Computer Networks and Compiler Construction, and in programming languages such as C, C++ and JAVA, I have made the most of my passion to be a topper in my C and C++ course during my first year of engineering. My first hand experience with computers was during my schooling when I was taught about the basics of computers and the programming language LOGO. My love for computers started when I started writing tiny codes which would perform a meagre addition or subtraction. The passion I developed during my schooling and the prospects computer science could provide in various fields were the driving force in choosing it as my field of study.…show more content…
As I learnt new concepts, I appreciated solving difficult problems and made sure they helped me form a framework for solving new ones. As a part ofacademic project, I implemented the concepts acquired by developing a Human Resource Management System which facilitates employee-HR interaction. Another academic project which is in progress is Multi Language Block Ciphering using Two Dimensional Substitution Array which will be dealing with the cryptography techniques. Balancing my theoretical and practical knowledge, I made sure my undergraduate study would be a stimulating educational

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