Essay On Why I Am Interested In Math

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Climbing up the last valley before I meet the mighty Everest, my body is exhausted and vision blurry. With nothing but strong desire to have a glimpse of the highest peak in the world, I mustered every ounce of will power and made it to the Everest Base Camp. I’ve always been a fighter and strive for excellence at whatever I aim at. This is also how it works with my passion for mathematics. I still have a memory of the sense of accomplishment I felt during a 4th grade math class, in which I solved a difficult problem on fractions, that other kids of my class couldn’t. Having an analytical mind, I have always excelled in mathematics. A discussion with my teacher about ‘The Pleasure Of Counting’ by T.W. Korner had a lasting influence on me .It resulted in me increasingly applying mathematical ideologies to the real world, particularly in economics and finance fields ,which has progressed my critical thinking and analytical skills. I have always achieved highly in mathematics throughout my secondary school and have received the outstanding student honor. I’ve always had a great zeal for mathematics and winning several accolades and medals in math examinations like Olympiads, a scholarship from HDFC Bank and coming first in my class for my 10th board…show more content…
Having good communication skills, I have been anchoring most of my school and college events. As a music lover and a guitarist, I believe that composing a melody and harmony is as interesting as solving a math problem. I am a team player who likes to take up responsibilities and exhibits leadership qualities. These traits, combined with my academics have made me a school leader, a sports person and the best student throughout my secondary and senior secondary (first year) schooling. While enriching my extracurricular life, my work as a leader in parades has shown me the importance of teamwork and has taught me important skills of sound interpersonal
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