Mental Health Personal Statement

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It was in my 3rd year of BSC Nursing that i discovered my passion for mental health and psychology, then I made up my mind to go for it , Back in my country we tend to neglect mental health illness. A lot of people in my country don’t believe mental health exist. In black community or my country in general we seem to believe we are strong, nothing can break us down, it has gotten into us so much that we don’t believe in mental illness. There is also a social stigma for health professionals studying any psychiatry or psychology course in my country it is seem irrelevant, we have just one percent of mental health workers in my country. I want to be a part of generation that creates awareness to my country about mental…show more content…
To put a stop to my fear and help people like me get over their fears and worries. As a medical student I feel we tend to give more priority to physical health because the symptoms shows much quicker are more noticeable than that of mental health. My goal is not just to become a therapist but to best and successful at it. Therefore it is time for a change which allows me to make a difference. I want to understand more about human behavior, how the mind works. Reasons behind each and every reaction and behavior and why we react to certain issues how to resolve and help them. I want the community to know, people with mental health don’t just wake up in the morning and choose to have mental illness. Mental illness is not laziness or a bad diet, its not seeking…show more content…
Emotional struggle is not a sign of weakness. Its more like an invisible illness in which the person with mental health knows what he is going through, which that individual might think of it as a mood swing or just consistently having a bad mood.
I want the community and the society in general to start accepting people with mental health, treat them with no stigma and difference, to change the public perceptive. To make people understand that we all go through trauma which might be emotional, in our mind or in our brain. We need to make people change the way we see and judge people.
Our community should know mental illness does not cause violence. lack of treatment, lack of support causes violence. Society discrimination of people with mental health problems needs to be sorted out.
I want to be part of mental health team that brings about a huge change in the society’s perception about mental health and create a stigma free
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