Personal Statement Essay: My Path To Success

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I have been very much inspired by the above words. I aspire to become a successful entrepreneur in life. I feel my path to success should not cross anyone else’s path. In fact my success story should be inspiring to many aspiring entrepreneurs. In order to realize my dream I need to enhance my Management skills. My father, a successful entrepreneur, has been my mentor and idol all through my life. My father taught me that if you are honest in life, life will be honest with you. To manage an enterprise one should have very good management abilities and I feel that I possess them to a very good extent. Today’s corporate world has a lot to offer. Good business strategies, making the best out of opportunities, resources, planning and…show more content…
It is with this belief that I’m applying for a Masters program in ABC. I did my schooling at ABC, which is one of the most reputed schools in CITY. Right from childhood, Mathematics has been my favourite subject. In fact, my teachers used to fondly call me, the “Mathematician of the school”. This keen interest in Mathematics is due to my good analytical and problem solving skills. This interest led me to opt for the subjects, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry during college at ABC junior college, from where I passed with very good grades. From the time my father bought me a PC, when I was in my fifth grade, I have been very computer savvy. Right from the beginning they have fascinated me. I chose Computer Study as my optional subject during school. And in no time, I became very interested in the working and functioning of computers. This interest, lead me to opt for Computer Science and Engineering as my Undergraduate Major in the prestigious ABC University, which is one of the top 10 premier engineering universities here in India. The past 3 years have been very instrumental in paving a path for my career. Even today, when I am at home, I accompany my father to his pharmaceutical
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