Personal Statement Essay: My Role In Science Olympiad

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The putrid smell of Escherichia coli is one that is immediately identifiable to the few lucky individuals who recognize its scent. It is also an aroma with which I became intimately sensitive to as I shuttled petri dishes of the bacterium in and out of an incubator. While my classmates shied away from the task of handling the pungent bacteria used in our recombinant DNA experiments, I took to the task eagerly, anything that would take me one step closer to my goal of researching. I had the opportunity to learn about lab techniques and cutting edge biology concepts the summer before my junior year, in an extracurricular biotechnology class at Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development. The class, a three week crash course in the…show more content…
My involvement in Science Olympiad includes my position as president of the club. As president of Science Olympiad, I am responsible for running practices and supporting my teammates in preparing for their events, all while preparing for my own events. I provide advice to my teammates for how to tackle studying for a certain topic or building a certain system, along with resources to solve problems on their own, and advocate for their needs to the team’s coach. My involvement in math team includes my position as vice president of math team and my selection onto Chicago’s regional math team. I lead my school’s math team by performing well, as evidenced by rankings in the state, and by organizing the efforts of my team. At competitions with team events, I organize my team’s approach to the problems, delegating tasks to various members and motivating them to complete their assigned task, all while working on my own problems. In addition, I participate on Chicago’s selective All-Star Regional Math Team. My involvement in scholastic bowl includes my position as my team’s captain. I take responsibility for the team as a whole and lead the team at all
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