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It was in grade 9, when I read the biography of Florence Nightingale and was fascinated by the notion she was entitled with, “The Lady with Lamp”. I was keen to learn beyond my academic course. I researched more and the more I got to know about her, the more fascinated I was by her passion, devotion, determination and loyalty. She took care of the war victims, soldiers, during precarious situation selflessly. That’s when the motive clicked on my mind that someday I will be like her. I aimed of indulging myself as a helping hand and thought to make my career in this profession. I then joined my higher secondary education taking biology major. During this course of time, my interest towards serving in health sector burnished more when I used…show more content…
During my final year of study, I did a research on “parents with autistic child”. After my days of interaction with the parents as well as child, I found many people have misconceptions regarding the disease and felt that there is a necessity of awareness. There are children in corners of my country whose disease is still left unidentified due to lack of surveillance. Then I determined myself that i will contribute my knowledge and skills for this group of people in the society. I believe that my academic qualification will help me to face the challenges and solve them in most effective and ethical way. It will also help me to assess, design and implement effective public health policy and health program in underprivileged communities of my own country. Hence, after my completion of MPH, I will further research about the unrecognized diseases in the community. Furthermore, I will implement my study by establishing a Rehabilitation Center for special children. I believe that this will contribute towards betterment of community health.
I believe my passion for learning and research makes me an ideal candidate for MPH with a graduate course work and research. Struggles and experience of four years of medical studies along with practical experience have prepared me to undertake challenges during my graduate studies. I am confident that under the guidance of expert members at Grand Valley State University, I shall accomplish the goal of my
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