Reflective Essay: I Want To Become A Doctor

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Lying in the hospital bed in the dark looking at machines with no energy to move. I’ve been in the ICU three times, you see I’ve been a Diabetic patient since I was in the fifth grade, struggling with everything and giving up on a young age, but it wasn’t until I met Dr. Maryam, she gave me hope by telling me that I can overcome this and become healthy, giving me everything that a child needed to hear. And from that moment I realized that I wanted to be that person that can affect people’s life, I wanted to give others hope and that’s why I wanted to become a Doctor or in other words to not just become someone who studies for six years but someone who can be a huge impact. I believe that doctors shouldn’t only have the Knowledge of their field only but a strong character as well. I chose this course for many reasons starting with the love and desire to discover how do our bodies work and how can a small piece of flesh end a grown man’s life. Curiosity is what build my character up is what made me take further steps in discovering new thing. In 2016, I saw a sheep’s kidney for the first time, my instructor told that I needed to cut the Renal cortex and as I collected my courage and done it she applauded telling me that I did a great job and the cut was perfect after that in every experiment that relates to the human body she would ask me to…show more content…
From my experiences I understood how patients feel not only because I interact with them and a lot of people consider me a trustworthy person but also because I’m a patient myself, also I’m able to work under pressure and to bring my A game always, I also understand that medicine requires dedication because in this field there’s not a day you won’t learn from as we know medicine is developing by time and I’m absolutely ready to dedicate my life to this

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