Personal Statement Essay: Why I Want To Study In Korea

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My name is Ariunsolongo from Mongolia. I am studying my freshman year at the National University of Mongolia. As I am a student, one of my biggest goal is to study abroad, specially Korea.
I would like to study at the Kangwon National University as an exchange student. My academic and professional goals are one as I apply to this exchange program. I always wanted to study in Korea, home of the Public Relations. When I was twelve years old, I fell in love. It was not a transient love-one that stayed by my side during the good times and vanished during the bad-but rather a love so deep that few would understand. It was not the love for a reason, but the love for a language. It was the first true love of mine. Having been born and
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I have learned to apply these qualities to every task I care, dealing with the outside world in the same fashion as I would a puzzle. Since I have always facing my fears, I learned a lot of things. I understood that I have to do everything even walked on water. There was no concept like “Do it IF you can”. For me, I should do it. From completing my puzzle, I tried to learn everything from one to ten. It is not hard for me to admit that I am good at almost everything. But I am really good at things that I love. Playing any kind of sports was hard at the beginning. First it was basketball. Basketball has shaped my personal and intellectual life in many ways. Ball is a common language that connects me to others who share my enthusiasm for creating it. I began learning to play basketball at my high school sport events. In my class, there was a lot of girl, but none of them can play basketball. So I have to be one of my class basketball team and learn it by myself. Every morning I set my alarm more early to play basketball by myself alone. I watched Youtube videos of basketball tutorial. After sport competition, my basketball technique increased very well than I imagined. I was very thrilled to get a certificate that Best Player of the School. After that time, my sport achievements accrued one by one. Now I have first degrees of Basketball, Volleyball and

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