I Want To Be A Doctor

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Growing up in a developing country during the early part of my life, I witnessed destitution and disease firsthand. I have seen women dying from minor childbirth complications, children suffering from disabling effects of polio, and villagers dying of MI – simply because their nearest medical facility was miles away. It was enough to keep one up at night; it frustrated me. Looking back, I realize my inspiration stems not from a medical role model but the would-be patients, the ones I so wanted to help. Their suffering nurtured my compassion and strengthened my resolve for the long-standing ambition of entering medicine.

I enjoyed many aspects of each of my clinical rotations, but have come to realize that the versatility of internal medicine complements my interests and capabilities the most. The ability to investigate, evaluate and assimilate disease evidence will provide the intellectual stimulation that will keep me challenged throughout my career. I will combine my clinical knowledge and analytical thinking in problem solving and decision making, while keeping my patients’ best interests as my primary objective.

I have an inherent sense
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However it worked to my advantage and transformed me into a more mature individual. Living alone has instilled in me a great sense of responsibility and organization, which will stand me in good stead for my career. My training in Pakistan is the basis for why I not only became a resilient person, but moreover a person of broader insight. Studying and living in different parts of the world including the Middle East and U.S.A, has been enriching both culturally and professionally. I have gained extensive experience in adapting to new environments, and connecting with a diverse group of patient populations and health professionals. These opportunities have helped mold me into the person I have

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