Personal Statement For A Career In Civil Engineering

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After four years of undergraduate study in Civil Engineering, I feel completely satisfied with my decision to choose engineer as my career option . Beside personal success, this field giving me an opportunity to contribute me for my country’s infrastructural developments and also able to make aware the people to construct the safer structure.
To become a civil engineer the person who encouraged me at first was my maternal uncle who also a civil engineer and the owner of a real estate company. He realized my flexibility in mathematical properties during my school and college levels and suggested me to choose a future career in civil engineering. Basically, my fascination created when I have first visited his construction sites. I was wandering a fully completed residential building and observed the interior building plan such as drawing, dining, rest room and balcony spaces with great enthusiasm. These empty spaces suddenly obligated me to imagine that one day these void spaces will fill up and built vivid stories of people’s life. Standing at that place, I have made my decision to develop my career a civil engineer where every place made with my hand will express different stories.
“While there is a will there is a way“ the proverb becomes true in my life. I had got the opportunity to study in Civil Engineering in my country’s ranked one private engineering university name Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology. In this competitive environment, my eagerness

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