Personal Statement For Civil Engineering

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After four years of studying all those bulky books, completing all the assignments and passing all those fiery exams, I was finally able to establish myself as a civil engineer. The dream that I had seen few years ago when I chose to start my career as an engineering student was finally coming true. The opportunities and the innovations available in this field motivates me further more to opt for the higher studies and conduct researches that should prove a significant contribution to my society. I hope I will be able to take my first step towards this dream of mine, joining the graduate school in your university.
The thirst to crave more and never be satisfied is the main aspect of human nature which has resulted in all the beautiful infrastructures in the world. The reason I chose to major in civil engineering was to develop the beautiful infrastructure and contribute something so that my country will be proud of me.
Joining the undergraduate program, I thought it would be fun to study. But it was equally challenging as well. The first year went by studying the basics. The real engineering started in the second year when I sgot chance to be familiar with the core subjects of civil engineering. My way of gaining knowledge was not to just put up the good marks in the transcript but to go in the depth of the matter and excel it as much as I can.
I got to be introduced to “Structural Engineering” in fourth year of my engineering. It was then an elective subject. Not much
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