Personal Statement For Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering is the core of all modern scientific development as it can help construct all types of machines, to reduce human efforts. I have always been fascinated with what mechanical engineering has helped accomplish, as engineers are able to build complex structures such as aircrafts and satellites. Physics and maths are two of the most important aspects of mechanical engineering and I personally enjoy pursuing these subjects and learning about atomic particles, kinetic motion, fluids as well as statics, dynamics and vectors in them. I am from India, which is a rapidly developing country where mechanical engineers can play a key role in developing my country as they can design various of machines and equipment that can be used in technological systems, buildings, vehicles etc. I have spent most of my life abroad India, and have seen various engineering projects. Just recently, the Dubai water canal has started being built and I was amazed with the design of the bridge being constructed above for vehicles to pass, along with many other parts of the project. My interest in mechanical engineering commenced first when I visited the manufacturing unit of a juice company, where I was astounded with how dozens of machines were able to simplify the task of filling juice bottles. There I saw bottles being moved
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