Personal Statement For Mechanical Engineering

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It was my ardent interest in the industrial work environment, that made me choose Mechanical Engineering for my graduation. I remember, in my early teens I used to dismantle my toys to know how those worked and then make some other devices like fan, remote controlled lights etc. out of them.It was then when I decided to become an engineer and do the same sort of service but on a greater scale for mankind. When I was admitted to Kalinga Institute Of Industrial Technology (KIIT University), I chose mechanical engineering as my undergraduate trade with the vision to follow my passion.

My undergraduate course has helped me built a firm foundation of the basic principles of mechanical engineering. The more I learnt about machine, the more fascinated I became towards knowing the materials involved and the process how it wasbuilt.

In the second year of my undergraduate course I along with 24 other students participated in BAJA 2014 conducted by Society Of Automobile Engineers (SAE India). This event was all about designing an All Terrain Vehicle and building it. Being a core member of the design team, it was our responsibility to built the vehicle as light as possible. The engine and the gearbox were directly purchased from automobile manufacturers and hence the roll-cage material (body of the vehicle) had a major role to play in weight reduction. After performing a few property tests like strength to weight ratio, Weldability ,Yield Strength etc. for the following materials –
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