Personal Statement: Gatton Academy Avatar

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It is a leader’s responsibility to serve others and inspire them to live fuller lives. Throughout the past few years, I have worked to become the best leader possible in hopes of enacting positive change. I’m often the person my friends turn to when they need encouragement. Though it can certainly be nerve-wracking to risk failure, seeking new opportunities is an important avenue of growth. I attempt to incorporate this message in all of my endeavors, including as a Gatton Academy Avatar. As an Avatar, I communicate with prospective families one-on-one, during tours, and on panels. A large part of this communication includes putting the students and their parents at ease, as the idea of leaving home two years early can be daunting. Families often have many questions and concerns, and I attempt to reassure them that their fears have been shared by each year of Gatton students and rarely come to fruition. Through these interactions, I aspire to encourage students to pursue their dreams, even if it scares them. Throughout my life, I have been driven by curiosity. My quest for knowledge shapes many of my interactions with others. Recently, I’ve become a Big Sister and meet weekly with my Little Sister to help her with homework and complete fun academic, athletic, and creative activities. …show more content…

The world tells us that a leader is strong, commands a crowd, and enacts visionary plans. While these characteristics are important, my experiences have shown me that a true leader is one who continually sacrifices—whether time, energy, or comfort—to create the magic for others. I continually strive to meet others’ needs, whether that means scheduling a second meeting to accommodate everyone, comforting a club member after they receive bad news, or making sure all of the kids are included when playing with my Little. Through this, it has been my goal to become both a better person and leader, while also inspiring others to do the

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