Personal Statement: Hope For The Homeless

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“Stir in me a love that’s deep, a love that’s wide, a love that’s sweet. And help me, Lord, to never keep it to myself.” Steffany Gretzinger wrote these inspiring words, which correspond to the action Christians are called to in Matthew 5:13-16. Above all else, I desire to demonstrate God’s endless love not only in my career in the nonprofit industry but throughout all areas of my life. I have struggled with my health for most of my life. Consequently, I aim to work for a nonprofit that cares for sick children and their families. Because of my experiences, I understand the trials sick kids deal with and know how to show them God’s love in the best way for them. I want to show them that there is a God who is there for them no matter what they are battling. Additionally, I strive to change people 's view of…show more content…
From a young age, I was told homeless people were dirty and dangerous and should be kept at a distance. Contrarily, James 2:15-16 commands us to care for the homeless and provide for them. This verse inspired me to create Hope for the Homeless, a ministry in which food, water, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and much more are packed in a bag and distributed to the homeless. Additionally, a short devotion and a list of nearby shelters are included. I was overjoyed to make an impact on people 's lives. However, my youth pastor shut the idea down. He believed that by giving the homeless care bags I was enabling them to continue their life on the street. After the leader I admired the most told me my idea was garbage, I was utterly dejected. I reread the verses in James 2, picked my head up, and continued my ministry. My pastor did everything in his power to stop me, but he failed miserably. Instead of stopping me, he fueled my passion. Now, I can proudly say that hundreds of lives have been impacted by the bags because of my determination to spread God’s
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